The most popular Linux

The most popular Linux , one of the distribution Ubuntu ‘s mobile version of ubuntu touch ‘s development work still continues. In the latest video of the mobile operating system, which is distributed periodically in beta versions, it appears to be quite stable. On October 17, while a stable release is expected for many Android devices, Canonical, the developer, is working hard to optimize the operating system for tablets.All the details required for daily use in the release version is expected to work stably. You can browse the video below.Google is preparing for the next generation Nexus smartphone, and as it is known, this model will be the most powerful Nexus smartphone ever built. We have already published photos of the Nexus 5 displayed on the FCC. Now the first picture of the device is released by Amazon.

The Nexus 5 will come with some interesting innovations, as will the evolution of the entire Nexus family representing Android. One of them is the lack of a speaker in the front. Ron Amadeo from Android Police compared the photo of the Nexus 5, which appeared on the FCC, with that of other flagships. It is interesting to note that the reflection of the camera that took the image of the camera in the comparison picture is different on the Nexus 5.Click on image to view larger.When the image is examined, the Nexus 5 doesn’t have a speakerphone. It is said that Google and LG do not use speakers in this device because they use a technology similar to bone communication.

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